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Medical Power of Attorney

Medical power of attorney, also known as a healthcare power of attorney or healthcare proxy, is a legal document that grants a designated individual (referred to as an "agent" or "proxy") the authority to make medical and healthcare decisions on behalf of someone else (the "principal") in the event that the principal becomes unable to make such decisions for themselves. This typically occurs due to illness, injury, or incapacity.

Health Care Agent

The Health Care Agent or Proxy; is a  person appointed by the primary individual to make medical decisions on their behalf. This person should be someone trusted, who understands the primary individual's values, beliefs, and healthcare preferences. Having an agent in place is a crucial part in advance care planning; and preparing for when unexpected situations arise. 


The Health Care Agent will need to talk to doctors, read medical records, and gain an understanding to decisions about tests, procedures, and treatments. It is important that the Health Care Agent always has a full understanding of the primary individuals wishes and update the  information when things change.

Why We Help?

There are many reasons that individuals need a Professional Health Care Agent: 

  • Family is not near, unavailable or estranged

  • Friends are aging

  • In need of a Secondary Health Care Agent, in the event your primary agent is incapacitated

  • Having a Professional to take worry or burden off of family and friends. 

How We Help?

Once you have chosen Care Coordinators of Colorado as your professional health care proxy, we will provide a thorough intake on getting to know you, your beliefs, wishes, and expectations.  It is very important to us that we develop trust, therefore we start with a series of three visits to develop a relationship. After the first six months we will request a yearly review. We understand that needs and wishes change, and we will be there to make those adjustments as needed.

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